Commit e05221c0 authored by Bill MacAllister's avatar Bill MacAllister
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Remove file inadvertently left in rsyslog.d.

parent d4359fee
release/001.004 (2015-02-25)
Remove file inadvertently left in rsyslog.d. (whm)
release/001.003 (2015-02-25)
Manage the audisp-simplify log with newsyslog. (whm)
# newsyslog.conf -- Rotate audispSimplify logs
# Look for the log output in logdir, store a local copy in archive, and
# save a copy in stats.
set logdir = /var/log/%n
set save = /var/log/OLD/%n
syslog {
restart: hup /var/run/
log: audispSimplify logdir root 0 644
archive: audispSimplify save 30
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