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Update NEWS for release

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UNRELEASED (2016-06-23)
release/004.063 (2016-10-17)
[ipmi] EL package requires (like EL6, EL7 only has available OpenIPMI,
and not OpenIPMI-tools (jlent)
and not OpenIPMI-tools. (jlent) Fix ipmievd configuration for Ubuntu.
[os] Update the Ubuntu-to-Debian mapping. (akkornel) Enable the
debian-stanford backports for Unbuntu distros based on Wheezy and Jessie.
(akkornel) Also add additional Ubuntu-specific backports. (akkornel)
Also remove daemontools as a default install on systemd Ubuntu. (akkornel)
[ntp] Add the SRCF time server, make sure NTP is installed, and disable
systemd-timesyncd on RHEL 8.
[xinetd] Make sure inetd is removed before xinetd is installed. (akkornel)
[wallet] Make sure the base::wallet::client class is included when
required. (akkornel)
release/004.062 (2016-06-03)
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