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    release/004.054 · 8ffc6b57
    Adam Lewenberg authored
    From NEWS file:
      [systemd] New class to allow systemd daemon reloads. (adamhl)
      [dns] Changes Livermore detection to use the system's primary IP
      address, instead of using a manually-set parameter. (akkornel)
      [kerberos] Automatically determine if we are in Livermore; if we are,
      place the Livermore-based KDC at the top of the list. (akkornel)
      Clients who are using the base::kerberos::dr class should immediately
      switch to using base::kerberos.  base::kerberos::dr is deprecated.
      [kerberos] Add two parameters to the base::kerberos class. The first
      is used to force the kerberos client to prefer TCP over UDP. The
      second allows one to indicate which kerberos environment to use: prod,
      test, or uat. In both cases, the defaults are such that the krb5.conf
      will continue to have the same contents as before the addition of
      these parameters.
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