Commit c0da49d0 authored by Adam Lewenberg's avatar Adam Lewenberg
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update filter-syslog with some new ingnorable messages

parent 2be185a1
......@@ -24,3 +24,15 @@ httpd: /^GSSAPI Error: Miscellaneous failure \(Ticket expired\)$/
# Innocuous errors starting with Apache 2.4
apache2: /^\d+ INFO XMLTooling.Config : xmltooling \S+ library shutdown complete$/
apache2: /^\d+ INFO XMLTooling.Config : xmltooling \S+ library initialization complete$/
# systemd reloading the apache service (usually from newsyslog)
systemd: /Reload(ing|ed) The Apache HTTP Server./
# The following covers these messages:
# - Starting The Apache HTTP Server...
# - Stopping The Apache HTTP Server...
# - Stopped The Apache HTTP Server.
# - Started The Apache HTTP Server.
systemd: /(Stop|Start)p?(ed|ing) The Apache HTTP Server[.]+/
systemd: /phpsessionclean.service: Succeeded./
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