1. 01 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'FlightSimulator' into 'master' · f452fb70
      Philip A Levis authored
      Merge of flight simulator Unity project
      See merge request !36
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      Deleted software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/cameraClass.h,... · f3c59569
      Nirvik Baruah authored and Philip A Levis's avatar Philip A Levis committed
      Deleted software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/cameraClass.h, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/glad.c, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/main.cpp, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/meshClass.h, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/modelClass.h, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/shader.frag, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/shader.vert, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/shaderClass.h, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/stb_image.cpp, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib/stb_image.h, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace/xcshareddata/IDEWorkspaceChecks.plist, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace/xcuserdata/samsara.xcuserdatad/UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate, software/simulator/graphics/GraphicsLibGit/GraphicsLib.xcodepr...
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      Merge branch 'loops' into 'master' · d4b706e4
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      See merge request !38
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      load and start works with aggregate playlist format. using the timer to... · 5b4467a2
      David Ho Van Dyke authored and Philip A Levis's avatar Philip A Levis committed
      load and start works with aggregate playlist format. using the timer to determine whether to advance to next in queue.
      - determine how to group a single playlist file containing more than one subplaylist for the purposes of rearranging in the UI
      - how to loop over the entire playlist?
      - reformat JSON when saving the playlist (JsonArray of JsonArrays)
      - reconsider our UI design? perhaps recording should only be supported when someone is DJing. Playback and playlist aggregation shouldn’t require somebody to be sitting there watching it happen.
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      Lots of board updates. · de23cf2b
      unknown authored
      Updates/fixes for tailboard_v2: fix connector orders to
      match accelerometer board and LED JST connectors.
        - The Feather M4 header pinout is correct, will be fixed
          in v3.
      Testboard: a board for testing LED strips. Plug in a Feather M4,
      5V from a power supply, and then plug LED strips into it.
      Pin Reverse board: a temporary fix for the Feather M4 pinout error
      in the v2 tailboard. Reverses the pin order on one of the headers.
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      Update how the position of flyers on the front window and the stairwell · bb898b00
      Philip Levis authored
      are calculated, by Charlie's request.
        - Front window flyers and now spaced 2 feet back from the window.
        - Exterior stair edge flyers are now spaced 2 feet away from the stair.
        - Exterior stair edge flyers can now be placed along edge of platform.
        - Inner stair edge flyers can be placed along edge of platform.
      There is a bug in how the position of inner edge stair flyers are
      placed: the stair calculations are a bit off, such that the angles
      don't add up right. This means that on the upper stair, the flyers
      seem to hang from under, rather than the edge of, the stair. I'll
      look into it and fix it soon.
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