1. 02 Jun, 2020 11 commits
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      Significant resdesign of the data model to allow wings to move. · 3dbb309c
      Philip Levis authored
      This was necessary to be able to support moving the wings
      The prior approach was relying on static variables in order to
      invoke the super() constructor of LXModel in LXModel subclasses.
      The constructor takes the sub-models. This is a problem if you want
      to build top down (create a Flight, whcih creates Flyers, which
      creates Wings, which creates Points), as the lower level has to
      exist when you instantiated the higher one. That is, to call
      super(LXModel[] children)
      in the WingModel, for example, you need all of the children
      models created already. But you are in the first line of the
      constructor, so it is hard to do so. The prior design relied
      on static variables to achieve this, but this as the problem
      that then every Flyer has the same wings -- you can't move them
      individually (since Wings are static variables).
      This PR refactors the data model so it's built bottom up. THis
      happens in Model. First it builds the LightPoints, then the
      Wings, then the Flyers, then the Flight.
      The Fade test pattern now also moves the wings. Take a look.
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      notes · cbf36878
      Ashley Chen authored
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      change fifo location · 2dc00721
      Martin Maina Mbuthia authored
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