Commit 604c29dd authored by Philip Levis's avatar Philip Levis
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FlyerHighlighter now inherits directly from LXEffect.

parent 7c71061b
package engine;
import heronarts.lx.LX;
import heronarts.lx.color.LXColor;
import heronarts.lx.effect.LXEffect;
import heronarts.lx.parameter.BooleanParameter;
import heronarts.lx.parameter.DiscreteParameter;
import heronarts.lx.parameter.LXParameter;
......@@ -13,7 +14,7 @@ import model.FlyerConfig;
import model.FlyerModel;
import model.LightSamplePointModel;
public class FlyerHighlighter extends Effect {
public class FlyerHighlighter extends LXEffect {
public final FlyerConfig[] flyerConfigurations;
public final QuadraticEnvelope strobe = new QuadraticEnvelope(100, 0, 1000);
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