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# FLIGHT: Packard Interactive Light Sculpture Project
This directory stores the user interface (UI) for controlling and visualizing
Python. This is an [LX Studio]( user interface, with
This directory has Java code for the user interface (UI) that animates a
FLIGHT installation. It contains the software that computes the light and
wing positions of FLIGHT and sends those to Fractal Flyers as Python commands.
The GUI for controlling these animations is a Processing sketch that can
be found the [FlightGui](../FlightGui) directory.
The UI is based on [LX Studio](, with
support for playlists and dynamically controlling the piece.
The directory structure:
......@@ -10,4 +14,7 @@ The directory structure:
- lib: external java libraries used by the UI and a symlink to the LX studio java libraries
- src: java classes used by the UI
The directory also contains **** which does the java compilation for the UI, and **** which can run the UI engine without a graphical UI interface.
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## Compiling code
The code in this directory compiles to `flight.jar`, which is then linked and
used by the GUI. To compile `flight.jar`, run `` in this directory.
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