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Helper scripts for Users module
Ruby scripts to add and remove users from "users" module hirea datasource. POSIX attributes
of a user account are matching ones in LDAP. Ruby has been chosen because it does not require
installation of any additional stuff (modules, packages, etc.) on a Mac PAW.
## Prerequisites
* The scripts assume that they live in `tools` directory in the root of the repo.
* A user running this script _must_ have a kerberos ticket.
* Kerberos principal must be allowed to run remctl command `remctl lsdb user show`
## Usage
Add a user
./add_user.rb sunet_id
Delete user:
./del_user.rb sunet_id
## Notes
* The script also determines if a user has a base or fully sponsored SUNet account.
If a user has a base account, i.e. no AFS space, the script forces his home directory
in hiera data source to be set to /home/sunet_id. Users module relies on this
information to automatically put base account homes locally and create .k5login
files for them.
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files for them.
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