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- [<a name="422-error" ></a> Why do I get "422 Error" when sign-in?](#a-name422-error-a-why-do-i-get-422-error-when-sign-in)
- [<a name="help" ></a> How do I get help?](#a-namehelp-a-how-do-i-get-help)
- [<a name="minimum-setup" ></a> What is the minimum setup before I start using GitLab?](#a-nameminimum-setup-a-what-is-the-minimum-setup-before-i-start-using-gitlab)
- [<a name="usage-limits" ></a> What are GitLab usage limits?](#a-nameusage-limits-a-what-are-gitlab-usage-limits)
- [<a name="generate-ssh-key"></a> How to generate and upload GitLab ssh-key?](#a-namegenerate-ssh-keya-how-to-generate-and-upload-gitlab-ssh-key)
- [<a name="GitLab-project"></a> What is a GitLab project?](#a-namegitlab-projecta-what-is-a-gitlab-project)
- [<a name="username-space"></a> What is the username space?](#a-nameusername-spacea-what-is-the-username-space)
- [<a name="project-limit"></a> How many personal GitLab projects I can create?](#a-nameproject-limita-how-many-personal-gitlab-projects-i-can-create)
- [<a name="project-visibility"></a> What is the default project visibility?](#a-nameproject-visibilitya-what-is-the-default-project-visibility)
- [<a name="GitLab-group"></a> What is a GitLab group?](#a-namegitlab-groupa-what-is-a-gitlab-group)
- [<a name="workgroup"></a>Is GitLab intergated with Stanford's workgroup?](#a-nameworkgroupais-gitlab-intergated-with-stanfords-workgroup)
- [<a name="restore-repo"></a>I accidentally deleted my repository, how do I restore it?](#a-namerestore-repoai-accidentally-deleted-my-repository-how-do-i-restore-it)
- [I do I get notification for scheduled maintenance outage?](#i-do-i-get-notification-for-scheduled-maintenance-outage)
- [<a name="migrate"></a>How do I migrate github project to GitLab?](#a-namemigrateahow-do-i-migrate-github-project-to-gitlab)
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**GitLab FAQs**
- [Why do I get "422 Error" when sign-in?](#422-error)
- [How do I get help?](#help)
......@@ -77,7 +98,7 @@ Gitlab group allows you group projects together into one namespace (directory),
Not yet. You can freely assemble your project team from members in different groups.
## <a name="restore-repo"></a>I accidently deleted my repostiory, how do I restore it?
## <a name="restore-repo"></a>I accidentally deleted my repository, how do I restore it?
You are asked to confirm the deletion; If you still delete it, you maybe able to find a checked-out repo on your computer, and
can use it to re-create your repo; If you or your co-workers don't have a local copy, then file a HelpSU ticket, we can
......@@ -88,6 +109,16 @@ $ cd ~/mygit-bundle && tar xvf <path-to-bundle-file>
$ git clone ~/mygit-bundle <path-to-new-repo>
## I do I get notification for scheduled maintenance outage?
GitLab standing upgrade maintenance window is on Fridays from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. This schedule is outside of
UIT’s regular Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday maintenance window so regular changes can use GitLab service for
code releases or CI/CD jobs.
The actual scheduled upgrade, impact, and outage duration will be posted on and you also get notification on each git command line push if there is an active schedule.
If you have automated jobs that need to connect to the service, please put them outside of the standing maintenance window. It is also a good practice to add retires to improve application resilience.
## <a name="migrate"></a>How do I migrate github project to GitLab?
Navigate to []( At the top of the form, you will have the option to make either a blank project, to create a project from a template, or to import a project. Select to import a project. Next, select to import a project from GitHub.
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