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**GitLab FAQs**
- [Why do I get "422 Error" when sign-in?](#422-error)
- [How do I get help?](#help)
- [What is the minimum setup before I start using GitLab?](#minimum-setup)
- [What are GitLab usage limits](#usage-limits)
- [How to generate and upload GitLab ssh-key?](#generate-ssh-key)
- [What is a GitLab project?](#GitLab-project)
- [What is the username space?](#username-space)
- [How many personal GitLab projects I can create?](#project-limit)
- [What is the default project visibility?](#project-visibility)
- [What is a GitLab group?](#GitLab-group)
- [Is GitLab intergated with Stanford workgroup?](#workgroup)
- [I accidently deleted my repostiory, how do I restore it?](#restore-repo)
- [How do I migrate github project to GitLab?](#migrate)
## <a name="422-error" ></a> Why do I get "422 Error" when sign-in?
If you get this error the first time your sign-in, most likely, your email contact information in StanfordYou
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