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- [What is a GitLab group?](#GitLab-group)
- [Is GitLab intergated with Stanford workgroup?](#workgroup)
- [I accidently deleted my repostiory, how do I restore it?](#restore-repo)
- [How do I migrate github project to GitLab?] **Help Wanted!**
- [How do I migrate github project to GitLab?](#migrate)
## <a name="422-error" ></a> Why do I get "422 Error" when sign-in?
......@@ -74,3 +74,11 @@ $ mkdir ~/mygit-bundle
$ cd ~/mygit-bundle && tar xvf <path-to-bundle-file>
$ git clone ~/mygit-bundle <path-to-new-repo>
## <a name="migrate"></a>How do I migrate github project to GitLab?
Navigate to []( At the top of the form, you will have the option to make either a blank project, to create a project from a template, or to import a project. Select to import a project. Next, select to import a project from GitHub.
Next, you need to let GitHub know it's okay for to look at all of your repos. You do this by giving a token (which works sort of like a password, but only for specific tasks and scopes). In a new browser tab, go to [](, and click "generate token". Under "token description" enter something like, and select the "repo" scope (which allows to read all of your repos, and do a few other things). In the next screen, copy your personal access token. This is the only time you'll be able to copy the token you just generated, though if you make a mistake, you can generate a new one at any time.
Drop your access token into the browser tab, and list your repos. For the repos you want to imporpt, make sure that you have the correct namespace listed, and optionally change the repo name. Finally, click "import", and you should be done importing into GitLab.
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