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- [How many personal GitLab projects I can create?](#how-many-personal-gitlab-projects-i-can-create)
- [What is the default project visibility?](#what-is-the-default-project-visibility)
- [What is a GitLab group?](#what-is-a-gitlab-group)
- [Are we able to add non-Stanford users to contribute to a repository?](#are-we-able-to-add-non-stanford-users-to-contribute-to-a-repository)
- [Is GitLab integrated with Stanford's workgroup?](#is-gitlab-integrated-with-stanfords-workgroup)
- [I accidentally deleted my repository, how do I restore it?](#i-accidentally-deleted-my-repository-how-do-i-restore-it)
- [I do I get notification for scheduled maintenance outage?](#i-do-i-get-notification-for-scheduled-maintenance-outage)
......@@ -80,6 +81,10 @@ Project visibility level in GitLab can be either private, internal or public. Th
Gitlab group allows you group projects together into one namespace (directory), so you can give other users permission to all projects in one place. You are allowed to create groups or transfer personal projects to a group that you own. Here is more information about [GitLab groups](
## Are we able to add non-Stanford users to contribute to a repository?
Not at this time. You will need to sponsor a Stanford base account to use the service.
## Is GitLab integrated with Stanford's workgroup?
Not yet. You can freely assemble your project team from members in different groups.
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