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- [Why do I get "422 Error" when sign-in?](#422-error)
- [How do I get help?](#help)
- [What is the minimum setup before I start using GitLab?](#minimum-setup)
- [What are GitLab usage limits](#usage-limits)
- [How to generate and upload GitLab ssh-key?](#generate-ssh-key)
- [What is a GitLab project?](#GitLab-project)
- [What is the username space?](#username-space)
......@@ -32,6 +33,18 @@ Most of your profile settings are already populated from Stanford directory when
You can click **Profile Settings** button on the left panel to change default appearance for your GitLab web interface. You definitely want to look into the "SSH Keys" tab. In this tab, click the "Add SSH Key" button to add SSH keys so you can communicate with GitLab through git command.
## <a name="usage-limits" ></a> What are GitLab usage limits?
* PHI data: NO
* Default personal repository limit: *50*
* Maximum attachment size (MB): *10M*
* Maximum push size (MB): *500*
* Group projects limit: No limit
Registry images uploaded to GitLab Registry Service doesn't have size limit.
For large size repository, consider to use [GitLab LFS](
## <a name="generate-ssh-key"></a> How to generate and upload GitLab ssh-key?
* [Generate ssh-key](
* [Add ssh-key](
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