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Postfix: Change transport to only use relayhost

The MXes are almost all moved off-campus, and the one that's
left will be going away soon, as well!

That means we need to update the transport file, so that (and
sub-domains) begin being handled by again, since still has an on-campus presence.
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......@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@ unreleased (2017-??-??)
[ssh] Add $extra_gssapi_only_users parameter listing any extra
accounts that should skip Duo (i.e., service accounts). [adamhl]
[postfix] Remove the transport lines which allowed mail
to route via published MX records, because that is moving entirely
off-campus Instead, just have everything go through
(which still has an on-campus presence). [akkornel]
release/005.009 (2017-07-07)
[ntp] Push "tinker-panic 0" to the top of the ntp.conf file to help
# Postfix transport definitions. -*- conf -*-
# Off-campus mail has to go through Currently we
# manually list the hosts that have off-campus MX records. : :
# This file is maintained by Puppet, as part of base::postfix.
# You can override it in your code, if you like! Just be sure to use the
# base::postfix::map type, to ensure that `postmap` is run when this file
# changes.
# By default, relay all email through the campus mail gateway.
# This is basically the same as using the relayhost option in,
# but using the transport map gives us more flexibility!
# The only time you should remove the above line is (a) you are using this code
# to push to a cloud (or other non-on-Stanford-network system), or (b) your
# system has an exemption to send mail directly to the outside world.
# (Or, you might be like SoM, and have your own mail gateways!)
# If you have a host or domain where you want to use the MX records returned by
# DNS, then use lines like the following: : :
# ... but! If you use lines like the above, then you'd have to put in
# additional lines for any sub-domains where you want to use the mail gateway.
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