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move filtersyslog to its own base: class

parent 64c24066
release/005.007 (unreleased)
[newsyslog] Pull out filter-syslog from newsyslog so filtersyslog can
be used separately from newsyslog. [adamhl]
[ssh] Change the method by which we specify a list of sunetids too
filter via filter-syslog. If you install this version of base you will
need to add to hiera the list of sunetids whose authentication failure
# Install filter-syslog, which we use for auditing system logs, and its
# basic configuration.
class base::filtersyslog {
# Install the filter-syslog package.
package { 'filter-syslog':
ensure => present
# Install the default filter-syslog configuration.
file {
source => 'puppet:///modules/base/filtersyslog/etc/filter-syslog.conf';
ensure => directory,
recurse => true,
purge => true,
......@@ -4,9 +4,12 @@
# logs, and its basic configuration.
class base::newsyslog {
package {
'filter-syslog': ensure => present;
'newsyslog': ensure => present;
# Install the basic filter-syslog system
include base::filtersyslog
package {'newsyslog':
ensure => present;
# Disable logrotate, since otherwise it will fight with newsyslog. We could
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