Commit 762ee70f authored by Karl Kornel's avatar Karl Kornel
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os:: Update the Ubuntu-to-Debian matching

For Stanford repositories, we’ve got a list of Ubuntu dsitros that map to Debian distros.  That list is updated.
parent 8362fdd7
......@@ -3,7 +3,11 @@
# Map Ubuntu distributions to Debian distributions since we don't
# currently have any repositories targeted for Ubuntu releases.
if @operatingsystem == 'Ubuntu'
if (@lsbdistcodename =~ /raring|trusty/)
if (@lsbdistcodename =~ /xenial/)
dist = 'stretch'
elsif (@lsbdistcodename =~ /wily|vivid|utopic|trusty/)
dist = 'jessie'
elsif (@lsbdistcodename =~ /saucy|raring|quantal|precise|oneiric/)
dist = 'wheezy'
dist = 'squeeze'
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