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Update NEWS file with Karl's changes

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[ssh] Change the class "ssh::pam" to "base::ssh::pam". This should
only affect people who are setting ssh::pam variables via Hiera, or
via class parameters. Clients setting base::ssh variables in any
way are not affected. [akkornel]
[ssh] Add support for the pam_slurm module. This is for clients using
the SLURM job scheduler, and who want to prevent users from logging in
without an allocation. This is disabled by default. Also add the
pam_slurm_bypass parameter, which is a file containing a list of users
(one per line) who should not be blocked by pam_slurm. [aseishas]
[syslog] On Ubuntu, have files and directories by owned by the
"syslog" user, and the "adm" group.
[wallet] When running inside a Packer build, do not attempt to retrieve
things from wallet. [akkornel]
[os::debian] More @ symbols into ERB templates. [akkornel]
release/005.001 (2016-12-11)
Add "path" attributes to several exec resources. This will be required
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