Commit 0c6e07c6 authored by Karl Kornel's avatar Karl Kornel
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puppetclient: Fix a filter-syslog regex

parent 518fa4c1
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ puppet-agent: /^Applying configuration version '\d+'$/
puppet-agent: /^Caching catalog for \S+$/
puppet-agent: /^Caching certificate_revocation_list for ca$/
puppet-agent: /^Connecting to sqlite3 database: \S+$/
puppet-agent: /^FileBucket adding {\w+\}\w+$/
puppet-agent: /^FileBucket adding \{\w+\}\w+$/
puppet-agent: /^Finished catalog run in -?[\d.]+ seconds$/
puppet-agent: /^Loading facts in \S+$/
puppet-agent: /^Loading facts\s*$/
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