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forgot to rename hiera prefixes

parent 276d0936
# data/Debian.yaml
# generic defaults for Debian-based systems
shib_sp::shibd_user: _shibd
shib_sp::shibd_group: _shibd
shib_sp::httpd_user: www-data
shib_sp::httpd_group: www-data
shibsp::shibd_user: _shibd
shibsp::shibd_group: _shibd
shibsp::httpd_user: www-data
shibsp::httpd_group: www-data
# data/common.yaml
# common defaults
shib_sp::shib_dir: /etc/shibboleth
shib_sp::shibd_user: nobody
shib_sp::shibd_group: nogroup
shib_sp::apache_service_enable: true
shib_sp::apache_service_ensure: false
shib_sp::httpd_user: nobody
shib_sp::httpd_group: nogroup
shibsp::shib_dir: /etc/shibboleth
shibsp::shibd_user: nobody
shibsp::shibd_group: nogroup
shibsp::apache_service_enable: true
shibsp::apache_service_ensure: false
shibsp::httpd_user: nobody
shibsp::httpd_group: nogroup
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