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apiVersion: v2
name: apache-shib
description: Example Helm chart for Apache+Shibboleth
name: apache-shib-demo
description: Demonstration Helm chart for Apache+Shibboleth
# A chart can be either an 'application' or a 'library' chart.
......@@ -30,4 +30,14 @@ The architecture follows the standard GCP Ingress model:
## Helm
## Secrets
This Helm chart does *not* setup or provision any Kubernetes secrets: you
must create them independently. The secrets needed are:
* `apache-shib-demo-<APP_ENV>-saml-key.pem`
* `apache-shib-demo-<APP_ENV>-saml-crt.pem`
......@@ -34,3 +34,19 @@ spec:
path: /
initialDelaySeconds: 10
periodSeconds: 10
- name: saml-crt.pem
mountPath: /etc/ssl/certs/saml-crt.pem
subPath: saml-crt.pem
- name: saml-key.pem
mountPath: /etc/ssl/private/saml-key.pem
subPath: saml-key.pem
- name: saml-crt.pem
secretName: "{{ $APP_NAMESPACE }}-saml-crt.pem"
- name: saml-key.pem
secretName: "{{ $APP_NAMESPACE }}-saml-key.pem"
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