Commit 1cb8faa1 authored by Xueshan Feng's avatar Xueshan Feng
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name site.cnf to specific site name.

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......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ if [[ ! $subdomain|| ! $ou || ! $email || ! $domain ]]; then
echo "creating the $subdomain.key and $subdomain.csr...."
cat site.cnf.tmpl | sed "s/FQDN/$subdomain.$domain/;s/OU/$ou/;s/EMAIL/$email/" > site.cnf
cat site.cnf.tmpl | sed "s/FQDN/$subdomain.$domain/;s/OU/$ou/;s/EMAIL/$email/" > $subdomain.cnf
openssl req -new -config site.cnf -rand /dev/urandom -nodes -keyout $subdomain.$domain.key -out $subdomain.$domain.csr
echo "$subdomain.csr is generated:"
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