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Commit 45139b25 authored by Aaron Yildiztas's avatar Aaron Yildiztas
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added ansible docker-pull image

parent be661066
- hosts: worker
become: true
create_containers: 2
default_container_name: docker
default_container_image: ubuntu
default_container_command: sleep 1d
- name: Install aptitude using apt
apt: name=aptitude state=latest update_cache=yes force_apt_get=yes
- name: Install required system packages
apt: name={{ item }} state=latest update_cache=yes
loop: [ 'apt-transport-https', 'ca-certificates', 'curl', 'software-properties-common', 'python3-pip', 'virtualenv', 'python3-setuptools']
- name: Add Docker GPG apt Key
state: present
- name: Add Docker Repository
repo: deb [arch=amd64] stretch stable
state: present
- name: Update apt and install docker-ce
apt: update_cache=yes name=docker-ce state=latest
- name: Install Docker Module for Python
name: docker
- name: Pull default Docker image
name: "{{ default_container_image }}"
source: pull
- name: Create default containers
name: "{{ default_container_name }}{{ item }}"
image: "{{ default_container_image }}"
command: "{{ default_container_command }}"
state: present
with_sequence: count={{ create_containers }}
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